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Mine Cutting and Channeling Machine Operators - 47-5042.00

O*NET-SOC Description

Operate machinery such as longwall shears, plows, and cutting machines to cut or channel along the face or seams of coal mines, stone quarries, or other mining surfaces to facilitate blasting, separating, or removing minerals or materials from mines or from the Earth's surface. Includes shale planers.

Sample of Reported Job Titles

  • Bore Miner Operator
  • Coal Miner
  • Longwall Shearer Operator
  • Miner Operator
  • Shear Operator
  • Shearer Operator
  • Underground Heavy Equipment Operator
  • Underground Miner

SOC Occupation Groups

47-0000 Construction and Extraction Occupations
47-5000 Extraction Workers
47-5040 Mining Machine Operators
47-5042.00 Mine Cutting and Channeling Machine Operators

Related Occupations


  • Advance plow blades through coal strata by remote control, according to electronic or radio signals from the tailer.
  • Charge and set off explosives in blasting holes.
  • Cut and move shale from open pits.
  • Cut entries between rooms and haulage ways.
  • Cut slots along working faces of coal, salt, or other non-metal deposits to facilitate blasting, by moving levers to start the machine, and to control the vertical reciprocating drills.
  • Determine locations, boundaries, and depths of holes or channels to be cut.
  • Drive mobile, truck-mounted, or track-mounted drilling or cutting machine in mines and quarries or on construction sites.
  • Free jams in planer hoppers, using metal pinch bars.
  • Guide and assist crews in laying track for machines and resetting planer rails, supports, and blocking, using jacks, shovels, sledges, picks, and pinch bars.
  • Monitor movement of shale along conveyors from hoppers to trucks or railcars.
  • Move controls to start and position drill cutters or torches and advance tools into mines or quarry faces to complete horizontal or vertical cuts.
  • Move planer levers to control and adjust the movement of equipment, the speed, height, and depth of cuts, and to rotate swivel cutting booms.
  • Observe indicator lights and gauges, and listen to machine operation to detect binding or stoppage of tools or other equipment problems.
  • Position jacks, timbers, or roof supports, and install casings, to prevent cave-ins.
  • Press buttons to activate conveyor belts, and push or pull chain handles to regulate conveyor movement so that material can be moved or loaded into dinkey cars or dump trucks.
  • Remove debris such as loose shale from channels and planer travel areas.
  • Replace worn or broken tools and machine bits and parts, using wrenches, pry bars, and other hand tools, and lubricate machines, using grease guns.
  • Reposition machines and move controls to make additional holes or cuts.
  • Signal crew members to adjust the speed of equipment to the rate of installation of roof supports, and to adjust the speed of conveyors to the volume of coal.
  • Signal that machine plow blades are properly positioned, using electronic buzzers or two-way radios.
  • Signal truck drivers to position their vehicles for receiving shale from planer hoppers.

Detailed Work Activities

  • Assist skilled construction or extraction personnel.
  • Cut openings in existing structures.
  • Determine appropriate locations for operations or installations.
  • Direct construction or extraction personnel.
  • Drive trucks or truck-mounted equipment.
  • Install safety or support equipment.
  • Maintain extraction or excavation equipment.
  • Monitor extraction operations.
  • Operate detonation equipment.
  • Operate mining equipment.
  • Position construction or extraction equipment.
  • Position safety or support equipment.
  • Prepare explosives for detonation.
  • Remove debris or vegetation from work sites.
  • Signal equipment operators to indicate proper equipment positioning.

Military Crosswalk Titles

No information available.

Apprenticeship Crosswalk Titles

  • Drilling-Machine Operator

DOT Crosswalk Titles

  • Channeling-Machine Runner
  • Cutter Operator
  • Driller, Machine
  • Drilling-Machine Operator
  • Flame Channeler
  • Long-Wall Shear Operator
  • Long-Wall-Mining-Machine Tender
  • Shale Planer Operator