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25-2023.00   Career/Technical Education Teachers, Middle School

Career/Technical Education Teachers, Middle School
Lay Titles
Automotive Education Teacher
Business Teacher
Business Education Teacher
CTE Teacher
Career Discovery Teacher
Career Education Teacher
Career and Technology Education Teacher
Carpentry Teacher
Computer Teacher
Computer Discovery Teacher
Computer Science Teacher
Computer Technology Teacher
Culinary Technical Education Teacher
FACS Teacher
Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher
Home Economics Teacher
Industrial Arts Teacher
Industrial Technology Teacher
Junior High School Business Teacher
Life Skills Teacher
Middle School Teacher
Middle School FACS Teacher
Middle School Family and Consumer Science Teacher
Middle School Tech Ed Teacher
Middle School Technical Education Teacher
Middle School Technology Education Teacher
Middle School Vocational Education Teacher
Physical Education Teacher
Secondary School Technical Education Teacher
Special Education Teacher
Tech Ed Teacher
Technical Business Teacher
Technical Education Teacher
Technical Industrial Teacher
Technology Teacher
Technology Education Teacher
Technology Lab Teacher
Vocational Teacher
O*NET SOC Description
Teach occupational, vocational, career, or technical subjects to students at the middle, intermediate, or junior high school level.
Adapt teaching methods and instructional materials to meet students' varying needs and interests.
Attend professional meetings, educational conferences, and teacher training workshops to maintain and improve professional competence.
Collaborate with other teachers and administrators in the development, evaluation, and revision of middle school programs.
Confer with parents or guardians, other teachers, counselors, and administrators to resolve students' behavioral and academic problems.
Instruct students individually and in groups, using various teaching methods, such as lectures, discussions, and demonstrations.
Detailed Work Activities
Teach others to use technology or equipment.
Apply multiple teaching methods.
Collaborate with other teaching professionals to develop educational programs.
Modify teaching methods or materials to accommodate student needs.