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Welcome to the O*NET Code Connector. The O*NET Code Connector was developed by the U.S. Department of Labor external site to assist workforce professionals code jobs. The O*NET Code Connector uses the O*NET database to help you determine the correct occupational code for your job order.

To access an occupation, you may type in a keyword or O*NET-SOC code, or select a Job Family from the home page. You will be able to refine your search to select a specific occupation.

The occupation report includes the O*NET-SOC description, alternate occupational titles (from job incumbents and other classifications), a list of O*NET-SOC tasks, detailed work activities, and more. These pieces of information have been assembled to help you determine if the selected occupation code is the best match for your job order.

If you are unable to determine the correct O*NET-SOC Code for your job order, assistance is available through the Occupational Code Assignment process.