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Occupation information matching Teacher
25-1194.00   Career/Technical Education Teachers, Postsecondary

Career/Technical Education Teachers, Postsecondary
Lay Titles
Accounting Teacher
Adult Education Teacher
Auto Body Repair Teacher
Auto Mechanics Teacher
Automotive Service Management Teacher
Barbering Teacher
Beauty Culture Teacher
Bookkeeping Teacher
Business Education Teacher
Business Machines Teacher
CSR Teacher
Clinical Laboratory Aides Teacher
Commercial Baking Teacher
Corrective Therapy Aide Teacher
Cosmetology Teacher
Costume Design Teacher
Customer Service Representative Teacher
Dietary Aide Teacher
Drafting Teacher
Dry Cleaning Teacher
Electronics Teacher
Floral Design Teacher
Gericare Aide Teacher
Home Care and Home Health Aides Teacher
In-Service Education Teacher
Industrial Arts Teacher
Inhalation Therapy Aides Teacher
Key Punch Teacher
Link Trainer Teacher
Machine Shorthand Teacher
Manual Arts Teacher
Manual Training Teacher
Manufacturing Teacher
Meat Cutting Teacher
Medical Aides Teacher
Mental Health Aides Teacher
Metal Crafts Teacher
Military Science Teacher
Millinery Teacher
Modeling Teacher
Motor Teacher
Navigation Teacher
Nurse's Aides Teacher
Nursing Teacher
Nursing Assistants Teacher
Nutrition Aides Teacher
Occupational Therapy Aides Teacher
Office Machines Teacher
Pathology Laboratory Aides Teacher
Physical Therapy Aides Teacher
Postsecondary CTE Teacher
Postsecondary Career and Technical Education Teacher
Prison Teacher
Psychiatric Aides Teacher
Public Health Aides Teacher
RN Teacher
Radio Repair Teacher
Real Estate Teacher
Recreation Therapy Aides Teacher
Registered Nurse Teacher
Sales Teacher
Secretarial Teacher
Shorthand Teacher
Skilled Trades Teacher
Stewardesses Teacher
Surgical Aides Teacher
Television Repair Teacher
Vocational Rehabilitation Teacher
Vocational School Teacher
Vocational Training Teacher
Watchmaking Teacher
Weather Teacher
Weaving Teacher
Welding Teacher
O*NET SOC Description
Teach vocational courses intended to provide occupational training below the baccalaureate level in subjects such as construction, mechanics/repair, manufacturing, transportation, or cosmetology, primarily to students who have graduated from or left high school. Teaching takes place in public or private schools whose primary business is academic or vocational education.
Conduct on-the-job training classes or training sessions to teach and demonstrate principles, techniques, procedures, or methods of designated subjects.
Develop teaching aids, such as instructional software, multimedia visual aids, or study materials.
Detailed Work Activities
Teach vocational courses.
Apply multiple teaching methods.