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29-1131.00   Veterinarians

Lay Titles
Animal Anatomist
Animal Care Director
Animal Chiropractor
Animal Doctor
Animal Pathologist
Animal Physiologist
Animal Practice Chief of Staff
Animal Surgeon
Companion Animal Practitioner
Laboratory Animal Care Veterinarian
Large Animal Veterinarian
Mixed Animal Veterinarian
Small Animal Relief Veterinarian
Small Animal Veterinarian
O*NET SOC Description
Diagnose, treat, or research diseases and injuries of animals. Includes veterinarians who conduct research and development, inspect livestock, or care for pets and companion animals.
Advise animal owners regarding sanitary measures, feeding, general care, medical conditions, or treatment options.
Conduct postmortem studies and analyses to determine the causes of animals' deaths.
Determine the effects of drug therapies, antibiotics, or new surgical techniques by testing them on animals.
Direct the overall operations of animal hospitals, clinics, or mobile services to farms.
Educate the public about diseases that can be spread from animals to humans.
Establish or conduct quarantine or testing procedures that prevent the spread of diseases to other animals or to humans and that comply with applicable government regulations.
Euthanize animals.
Examine animals to detect and determine the nature of diseases or injuries.
Inoculate animals against various diseases, such as rabies or distemper.
Inspect animal housing facilities to determine their cleanliness and adequacy.
Inspect and test horses, sheep, poultry, or other animals to detect the presence of communicable diseases.
Plan or execute animal nutrition or reproduction programs.
Provide care to a wide range of animals or specialize in a particular species, such as horses or exotic birds.
Research diseases to which animals could be susceptible.
Train or supervise workers who handle or care for animals.
Treat sick or injured animals by prescribing medication, setting bones, dressing wounds, or performing surgery.
Detailed Work Activities
Provide care for animals.
Treat animal injuries or illnesses.