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39-2021.00   Nonfarm Animal Caretakers

Nonfarm Animal Caretakers
Lay Titles
Animal Behaviorist
Animal Care Attendant
Animal Care Curator
Animal Care Giver (ACG)
Animal Care Keeper
Animal Care Service Worker
Animal Care Specialist
Animal Care Taker
Animal Care Technician
Animal Caregiver
Animal Caretaker
Animal Control Officer
Animal Daycare Provider
Animal Feeder
Animal Food Technician
Animal Groomer
Animal Handler
Animal Health Biologist
Animal Health Technician
Animal Keeper
Animal Laboratory Helper
Animal Nursery Worker
Animal Rehabilitator
Animal Shelter Worker
Animal Sitter
Nonfarm Animal Caretaker
Wild Animal Caretaker
O*NET SOC Description
Feed, water, groom, bathe, exercise, or otherwise care for pets and other nonfarm animals, such as dogs, cats, ornamental fish or birds, zoo animals, and mice. Work in settings such as kennels, animal shelters, zoos, circuses, and aquariums. May keep records of feedings, treatments, and animals received or discharged. May clean, disinfect, and repair cages, pens, or fish tanks.
Adjust controls to regulate specified temperature and humidity of animal quarters, nurseries, or exhibit areas.
Anesthetize and inoculate animals, according to instructions.
Collect and record animal information, such as weight, size, physical condition, treatments received, medications given, and food intake.
Do facility laundry and clean, organize, maintain, and disinfect animal quarters, such as pens and stables, and equipment, such as saddles and bridles.
Examine and observe animals to detect signs of illness, disease, or injury.
Exercise animals to maintain their physical and mental health.
Feed and water animals according to schedules and feeding instructions.
Find homes for stray or unwanted animals.
Install, maintain, and repair animal care facility equipment, such as infrared lights, feeding devices, and cages.
Mix food, liquid formulas, medications, or food supplements according to instructions, prescriptions, and knowledge of animal species.
Observe and caution children petting and feeding animals in designated areas to ensure the safety of humans and animals.
Perform animal grooming duties, such as washing, brushing, clipping, and trimming coats, cutting nails, and cleaning ears.
Provide treatment to sick or injured animals, or contact veterinarians to secure treatment.
Respond to questions from patrons, and provide information about animals, such as behavior, habitat, breeding habits, or facility activities.
Train animals to perform certain tasks.
Transfer animals between enclosures to facilitate breeding, birthing, shipping, or rearrangement of exhibits.
Detailed Work Activities
Care for animals.
Monitor health or behavior of people or animals.
Provide care for animals.
Train animals.