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Occupation information matching Computer Technician
49-2094.00   Electrical and Electronics Repairers, Commercial and Industrial Equipment

Lay Titles
Computer Technician
Computer/Electronic/Scale Technician
Computerized Environmental Control Installer
Computers and Electronics Technician
Technical Maintenance Specialist
Technical Support Specialist
Technical Support Specialist, Senior
Automation Technician
Avionics Technician
Avionics Bench Technician
Calibration Technician
Certified Control Systems Technician
Certified Test Technician
Commercial Control Technician
Control Technician
Control Systems Technician
Electrical Technician
Electrical Instrumentation Technician
Electrical Maintenance Technician
Electrical Service Technician
Electrical and Instrument Technician (E&I Tech)
Electrical/Electronic Maintenance Technician
Electrician Technician
Electrician/Electronics Technician
Electronic Technician
Electronic Technician Specialist
Electronic Maintenance Technician
Electronic Sales and Service Technician
Electronics Technician
Electronics Technician, Lead
Engineering Technician
Equipment Technician
Field Technician
Field Service Technician
Gear Technician
Hydro Maintenance Technician
Hydro Plant Technician
I&C Tech (Instrument and Control Technician)
Industrial Technician
Industrial Controls Field Service Technician
Industrial and Control Technician
Instrument Technician
Instrument and Electrical Technician (I&E Tech)
Instrument/Process Control Technician
Instrumentation and Electrical Technician (I&E Technician)
Lead Communication Technician
Line Maintenance Technician
Maintenance Technician
Mechatronics Technician
Metrology Technician
Microwave Technician
Plant and Maintenance Technician
Process Controls Technician
Radar Technician
Radar Repair and Installation Technician
Radioactivity Instrument Maintenance Technician
Relay Technician
Relay Testing Technician
Repair Technician
SCADA Technician (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Technician)
Scale Technician
Senior Technical Specialist
Senior Technical Support Associate
Senior Electronics Technician/Aerospace
Service Technician
Shift Electrical Instrument Technician
Substation Technician
Substation Relay Technician
Telecommunications Technician
Test Technician
Test Technician Senior
Ultrasound Technician
O*NET SOC Description
Enter information into computer to copy program or to draw, modify, or store schematics, applying knowledge of software package used.
Detailed Work Activities
Enter codes or other information into computers.