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The Crosswalk Titles sections include titles from three external classification systems related to this O*NET-SOC occupation:

  • Military Occupational Classification (MOC)
  • Registered Apprenticeship Partners Information Data System (RAPIDS)
  • Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT)

These mappings are provided as a transitional tool for converting from other classifications to O*NET-SOC. Many times there are multiple external codes mapping to a single O*NET-SOC occupation. There is no data for "parent" O*NET-SOC occupations where more detailed occupations exist. An example is Architectural and Civil Drafters (O*NET-SOC code 17-3011.00). The detailed occupations 17-3011.01 (Architectural Drafters) and 17-3011.02 (Civil Drafters) contain the data.