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Biomass Power Plant Managers - 11-3051.04

O*NET-SOC Description

Manage operations at biomass power generation facilities. Direct work activities at plant, including supervision of operations and maintenance staff.

Sample of Reported Job Titles

  • Fuel Manager
  • Maintenance Manager
  • Maintenance Superintendent
  • Maintenance Supervisor
  • Operations and Maintenance Manager (O&M Manager)
  • Operations Superintendent
  • Operations Supervisor
  • Plant Manager
  • Utilities Superintendent

SOC Occupation Groups

11-0000 Management Occupations
11-3000 Operations Specialties Managers
11-3050 Industrial Production Managers
11-3051.00 Industrial Production Managers
11-3051.04 Biomass Power Plant Managers

Related Occupations


  • Adjust equipment controls to generate specified amounts of electrical power.
  • Compile and record operational data on forms or in log books.
  • Conduct field inspections of biomass plants, stations, or substations to ensure normal and safe operating conditions.
  • Evaluate power production or demand trends to identify opportunities for improved operations.
  • Inspect biomass gasification processes, equipment, and facilities for ways to maximize capacity and minimize operating costs.
  • Manage parts and supply inventories for biomass plants.
  • Manage safety programs at power generation facilities.
  • Monitor and operate communications systems, such as mobile radios.
  • Monitor the operating status of biomass plants by observing control system parameters, distributed control systems, switchboard gauges, dials, or other indicators.
  • Operate controls to start, stop, or regulate biomass-fueled generators, generator units, boilers, engines, or auxiliary systems.
  • Plan and schedule plant activities, such as wood, waste, or refuse fuel deliveries, ash removal, and regular maintenance.
  • Prepare and manage biomass plant budgets.
  • Prepare reports on biomass plant operations, status, maintenance, and other information.
  • Review biomass operations performance specifications to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Review logs, datasheets, or reports to ensure adequate production levels and safe production environments or to identify abnormalities with power production equipment or processes.
  • Shut down and restart biomass power plants or equipment in emergency situations or for equipment maintenance, repairs, or replacements.
  • Supervise biomass plant or substation operations, maintenance, repair, or testing activities.
  • Supervise operations or maintenance employees in the production of power from biomass, such as wood, coal, paper sludge, or other waste or refuse.
  • Test, maintain, or repair electrical power distribution machinery or equipment, using hand tools, power tools, and testing devices.

Detailed Work Activities

  • Analyze market research data.
  • Communicate green energy production information.
  • Compile operational data.
  • Direct green energy production operations.
  • Direct maintenance and repair activities in green energy production facilities.
  • Enforce rules or regulations.
  • Evaluate energy production data.
  • Evaluate green operations or programs for compliance with standards or regulations.
  • Inspect operations of green energy facilities.
  • Maintain green energy production plant equipment.
  • Maintain operational records.
  • Manage inventories of products or organizational resources.
  • Monitor environment to ensure safety.
  • Monitor equipment operation to ensure proper functioning.
  • Monitor green energy equipment, systems, or facilities.
  • Operate communications equipment or systems.
  • Operate green energy production equipment.
  • Perform manual service or maintenance tasks.
  • Prepare operational budgets for green energy or other green operations.
  • Review documents or materials for compliance with policies or regulations.
  • Schedule activities or facility use.
  • Schedule product or material transportation.
  • Supervise workers performing environmentally sustainable activities.
  • Test green technologies or processes.

Military Crosswalk Titles

  • Electrical Power Production (Air Force - Enlisted)
  • Electrical Power Production Apprentice (Air Force - Enlisted)
  • Electrical Power Production Craftsman (Air Force - Enlisted)
  • Electrical Power Production Helper (Air Force - Enlisted)
  • Electrical Power Production Journeyman (Air Force - Enlisted)
  • Prime Power Production Specialist (Army - Enlisted)
  • Submarine Reactor Controls Manager (Navy - Enlisted)
  • Submarine Reactor Controls Operator (Navy - Enlisted)
  • Surface Reactor Controls Manager (Navy - Enlisted)

Apprenticeship Crosswalk Titles

No information available.

DOT Crosswalk Titles

  • Superintendent, Generating Plant