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Transportation Engineers - 17-2051.01

O*NET-SOC Description

Develop plans for surface transportation projects, according to established engineering standards and state or federal construction policy. Prepare designs, specifications, or estimates for transportation facilities. Plan modifications of existing streets, highways, or freeways to improve traffic flow.

Sample of Reported Job Titles

  • Airport Manager
  • Design Manager
  • Engineer
  • Project Engineer
  • Rail Engineer
  • Roadway Designer
  • Roadway Engineer
  • Traffic Engineer
  • Traffic Operations Engineer
  • Transportation Engineer

SOC Occupation Groups

17-0000 Architecture and Engineering Occupations
17-2000 Engineers
17-2050 Civil Engineers
17-2051.00 Civil Engineers
17-2051.01 Transportation Engineers

Related Occupations


  • Analyze environmental impact statements for transportation projects.
  • Check construction plans, design calculations, or cost estimations to ensure completeness, accuracy, or conformity to engineering standards or practices.
  • Confer with contractors, utility companies, or government agencies to discuss plans, specifications, or work schedules.
  • Design or engineer drainage, erosion, or sedimentation control systems for transportation projects.
  • Design or prepare plans for new transportation systems or parts of systems, such as airports, commuter trains, highways, streets, bridges, drainage structures, or roadway lighting.
  • Design transportation systems or structures, using sustainable materials or products, such as porous pavement or bioretention structures.
  • Develop or assist in the development of transportation-related computer software or computer processes.
  • Develop plans to deconstruct damaged or obsolete roadways or other transportation structures in a manner that is environmentally sound or prepares the land for sustainable development.
  • Direct the surveying, staking, or laying-out of construction projects.
  • Estimate transportation project costs.
  • Evaluate construction project materials for compliance with environmental standards.
  • Evaluate traffic control devices or lighting systems to determine need for modification or expansion.
  • Evaluate transportation systems or traffic control devices or lighting systems to determine need for modification or expansion.
  • Inspect completed transportation projects to ensure compliance with environmental regulations.
  • Inspect completed transportation projects to ensure safety or compliance with applicable standards or regulations.
  • Investigate or test specific construction project materials to determine compliance to specifications or standards.
  • Investigate traffic problems and recommend methods to improve traffic flow or safety.
  • Model transportation scenarios to evaluate the impacts of activities such as new development or to identify possible solutions to transportation problems.
  • Participate in contract bidding, negotiation, or administration.
  • Plan alteration or modification of existing transportation structures to improve safety or function.
  • Prepare administrative, technical, or statistical reports on traffic-operation matters, such as accidents, safety measures, or pedestrian volume or practices.
  • Prepare final project layout drawings that include details such as stress calculations.
  • Prepare project budgets, schedules, or specifications for labor or materials.
  • Present data, maps, or other information at construction-related public hearings or meetings.
  • Review development plans to determine potential traffic impact.
  • Supervise the maintenance or repair of transportation systems or system components.

Detailed Work Activities

  • Advise others on health and safety issues.
  • Confer with technical personnel to prepare designs or operational plans.
  • Create graphical representations of civil structures.
  • Create models of engineering designs or methods.
  • Design civil structures or systems.
  • Design environmental control systems.
  • Determine operational criteria or specifications.
  • Develop software or computer applications.
  • Direct equipment maintenance or repair activities.
  • Direct surveying activities.
  • Estimate operational costs.
  • Evaluate characteristics of equipment or systems.
  • Evaluate designs or specifications to ensure quality.
  • Evaluate plans or specifications to determine technological or environmental implications.
  • Evaluate technical data to determine effect on designs or plans.
  • Explain project details to the general public.
  • Incorporate green features into the design of structures or facilities.
  • Inspect facilities or sites to determine if they meet specifications or standards.
  • Investigate the environmental impact of projects.
  • Prepare detailed work plans.
  • Prepare project budgets.
  • Prepare technical or operational reports.
  • Schedule operational activities.
  • Test characteristics of materials or structures.

Military Crosswalk Titles

No information available.

Apprenticeship Crosswalk Titles

No information available.

DOT Crosswalk Titles

  • Transportation Engineer