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Curators - 25-4012.00

O*NET-SOC Description

Administer collections, such as artwork, collectibles, historic items, or scientific specimens of museums or other institutions. May conduct instructional, research, or public service activities of institution.

Sample of Reported Job Titles

  • Collections Curator
  • Collections Manager
  • Curator
  • Education Curator
  • Exhibitions Curator
  • Exhibits Curator
  • Museum Curator
  • Photography Curator
  • Vertebrate Zoology Curator

SOC Occupation Groups

Related Occupations


  • Arrange insurance coverage for objects on loan or for special exhibits and recommend changes in coverage for the entire collection.
  • Attend meetings, conventions, and civic events to promote use of institution's services, to seek financing, and to maintain community alliances.
  • Confer with the board of directors to formulate and interpret policies, to determine budget requirements, and to plan overall operations.
  • Design, organize, or conduct tours, workshops, and instructional or educational sessions to acquaint individuals with an institution's facilities and materials.
  • Develop and maintain an institution's registration, cataloging, and basic record-keeping systems, using computer databases.
  • Establish specifications for reproductions and oversee their manufacture or select items from commercially available replica sources.
  • Inspect premises to assess the need for repairs and to ensure that climate and pest control issues are addressed.
  • Negotiate and authorize purchase, sale, exchange, or loan of collections.
  • Plan and conduct special research projects in area of interest or expertise.
  • Plan and organize the acquisition, storage, and exhibition of collections and related materials, including the selection of exhibition themes and designs, and develop or install exhibit materials.
  • Provide information from the institution's holdings to other curators and to the public.
  • Schedule events and organize details, including refreshment, entertainment, decorations, and the collection of any fees.
  • Study, examine, and test acquisitions to authenticate their origin, composition, history, and to assess their current value.
  • Train and supervise curatorial, fiscal, technical, research, and clerical staff, as well as volunteers or interns.
  • Write and review grant proposals, journal articles, institutional reports, and publicity materials.

Detailed Work Activities

  • Confer with others to conduct or arrange operational activities.
  • Construct exhibits or parts of exhibits.
  • Develop library or archival databases.
  • Direct activities of subordinates.
  • Evaluate characteristics of archival or historical objects.
  • Evaluate scholarly materials.
  • Maintain inventories of materials, equipment, or products.
  • Negotiate purchases or contracts.
  • Order instructional or library materials or equipment.
  • Plan community programs or activities for the general public.
  • Promote educational institutions or programs.
  • Provide information to the general public.
  • Research topics in area of expertise.
  • Train staff members.
  • Write articles, books or other original materials in area of expertise.
  • Write grant proposals.

Military Crosswalk Titles

  • Historian (Air Force - Commissioned Officer only)
  • Historian (Air Force - Enlisted)
  • Historian (Marine Corps - Commissioned Officer only)
  • Historian Apprentice (Air Force - Enlisted)
  • Historian Craftsman (Air Force - Enlisted)
  • Historian Helper (Air Force - Enlisted)
  • Historian Journeyman (Air Force - Enlisted)
  • Historian Superintendent (Air Force - Enlisted)
  • Historical Officer (Navy - Commissioned or Warrant Officer)

Apprenticeship Crosswalk Titles

No information available.

DOT Crosswalk Titles

  • Curator
  • Director, Museum-or-Zoo
  • Educational Resource Coordinator
  • Historic-Site Administrator
  • Registrar, Museum
  • Research Associate
  • Supervisor, Historic Sites