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Painters, Construction and Maintenance - 47-2141.00

O*NET-SOC Description

Paint walls, equipment, buildings, bridges, and other structural surfaces, using brushes, rollers, and spray guns. May remove old paint to prepare surface prior to painting. May mix colors or oils to obtain desired color or consistency.

Sample of Reported Job Titles

  • Facilities Painter
  • Highway Painter
  • House Painter
  • Industrial Painter
  • Maintenance Painter
  • Painter

SOC Occupation Groups

47-0000 Construction and Extraction Occupations
47-2000 Construction Trades Workers
47-2140 Painters and Paperhangers
47-2141.00 Painters, Construction and Maintenance

Related Occupations


  • Apply paint, stain, varnish, enamel, or other finishes to equipment, buildings, bridges, or other structures, using brushes, spray guns, or rollers.
  • Apply primers or sealers to prepare new surfaces, such as bare wood or metal, for finish coats.
  • Bake finishes on painted or enameled articles, using baking ovens.
  • Calculate amounts of required materials and estimate costs, based on surface measurements or work orders.
  • Cover surfaces with dropcloths or masking tape and paper to protect surfaces during painting.
  • Cut stencils and brush or spray lettering or decorations on surfaces.
  • Erect scaffolding or swing gates, or set up ladders, to work above ground level.
  • Fill cracks, holes, or joints with caulk, putty, plaster, or other fillers, using caulking guns or putty knives.
  • Mix and match colors of paint, stain, or varnish with oil or thinning and drying additives to obtain desired colors and consistencies.
  • Polish final coats to specified finishes.
  • Read work orders or receive instructions from supervisors or homeowners to determine work requirements.
  • Remove fixtures such as pictures, door knobs, lamps, or electric switch covers prior to painting.
  • Remove old finishes by stripping, sanding, wire brushing, burning, or using water or abrasive blasting.
  • Select and purchase tools or finishes for surfaces to be covered, considering durability, ease of handling, methods of application, and customers' wishes.
  • Smooth surfaces, using sandpaper, scrapers, brushes, steel wool, or sanding machines.
  • Spray or brush hot plastics or pitch onto surfaces.
  • Use special finishing techniques such as sponging, ragging, layering, or faux finishing.
  • Wash and treat surfaces with oil, turpentine, mildew remover, or other preparations, and sand rough spots to ensure that finishes will adhere properly.
  • Waterproof buildings, using waterproofers or caulking.

Detailed Work Activities

  • Apply decorative or textured finishes or coverings.
  • Apply material to fill gaps in surfaces.
  • Apply paint to surfaces.
  • Apply sealants or other protective coatings.
  • Assemble temporary equipment or structures.
  • Clean surfaces in preparation for work activities.
  • Cut carpet, vinyl or other flexible materials.
  • Estimate construction project costs.
  • Estimate materials requirements for projects.
  • Mix substances or compounds needed for work activities.
  • Operate heating or drying equipment.
  • Order construction or extraction materials or equipment.
  • Prepare surfaces for finishing.
  • Protect structures or surfaces near work areas to avoid damage.
  • Review blueprints or specifications to determine work requirements.
  • Select construction equipment.
  • Smooth surfaces with abrasive materials or tools.

Military Crosswalk Titles

  • Boatswain Specialty (Coast Guard - Warrant Officer only)
  • Builder (Navy - Enlisted)
  • Combat Engineer Officer (Marine Corps - Commissioned Officer only)
  • Construction Engineering Technician (Army - Warrant Officer only)
  • Facilities Construction/Facilities Services Officer (Navy - Commissioned or Warrant Officer)
  • Facilities Engineering Officer (Navy - Commissioned or Warrant Officer)
  • Navy Afloat Maintenance Training Strategy (NAMTS) Corrosion Control Program Technician (Navy - Enlisted)
  • Officer in Charge, Naval Construction Battalion Unit (Navy - Commissioned or Warrant Officer)

Apprenticeship Crosswalk Titles

  • Architectural, Coatings Finisher
  • Painter (Const)
  • Painter, Indust Coating and Lining App Specialist
  • Painter, Shipyard
  • Pavement Striper

DOT Crosswalk Titles

  • Coating Finisher, Architectural
  • Painter
  • Painter Apprentice, Shipyard
  • Painter, Shipyard
  • Painter, Stage Settings