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Outdoor Power Equipment and Other Small Engine Mechanics - 49-3053.00

O*NET-SOC Description

Diagnose, adjust, repair, or overhaul small engines used to power lawn mowers, chain saws, recreational sporting equipment and related equipment.

Sample of Reported Job Titles

  • Golf Cart Mechanic
  • Lawnmower Repair Mechanic
  • Mechanic
  • Outdoor Power Equipment Service Technician
  • Service Technician
  • Small Engine Mechanic
  • Small Engine Technician

SOC Occupation Groups

49-0000 Installation, Maintenance, and Repair Occupations
49-3000 Vehicle and Mobile Equipment Mechanics, Installers, and Repairers
49-3050 Small Engine Mechanics
49-3053.00 Outdoor Power Equipment and Other Small Engine Mechanics

Related Occupations


  • Adjust points, valves, carburetors, distributors, and spark plug gaps, using feeler gauges.
  • Dismantle engines, using hand tools, and examine parts for defects.
  • Grind, ream, rebore, and re-tap parts to obtain specified clearances, using grinders, lathes, taps, reamers, boring machines, and micrometers.
  • Obtain problem descriptions from customers, and prepare cost estimates for repairs.
  • Perform routine maintenance such as cleaning and oiling parts, honing cylinders, and tuning ignition systems.
  • Reassemble engines after repair or maintenance work is complete.
  • Record repairs made, time spent, and parts used.
  • Remove engines from equipment, and position and bolt engines to repair stands.
  • Repair and maintain gasoline engines used to power equipment such as portable saws, lawn mowers, generators, and compressors.
  • Repair or replace defective parts such as magnetos, water pumps, gears, pistons, and carburetors, using hand tools.
  • Replace motors.
  • Sell parts and equipment.
  • Show customers how to maintain equipment.
  • Test and inspect engines to determine malfunctions, to locate missing and broken parts, and to verify repairs, using diagnostic instruments.

Detailed Work Activities

  • Adjust vehicle components according to specifications.
  • Bolt objects into place.
  • Clean equipment, parts, or tools to repair or maintain them in good working order.
  • Confer with customers or users to assess problems.
  • Disassemble equipment for maintenance or repair.
  • Disassemble equipment to inspect for deficiencies.
  • Estimate costs for labor or materials.
  • Grind parts to required dimensions.
  • Inspect mechanical components of vehicles to identify problems.
  • Lubricate equipment to allow proper functioning.
  • Maintain repair or maintenance records.
  • Maintain work equipment or machinery.
  • Position equipment using hand tools, power tools, or heavy equipment.
  • Reassemble equipment after repair.
  • Repair defective engines or engine components.
  • Repair worn, damaged, or defective mechanical parts.
  • Replace worn, damaged, or defective mechanical parts.
  • Service vehicles to maintain functionality.
  • Test mechanical equipment to ensure proper functioning.
  • Train customers in the use of products.

Military Crosswalk Titles

  • Aircraft Powertrain Repairer (Army - Enlisted)
  • Automotive Maintenance Warrant Officer (Army - Warrant Officer only)
  • Aviation Support Equipmentman (Navy - Enlisted)
  • Construction Equipment Repairer (Army - Enlisted)
  • Construction Mechanic (Navy - Enlisted)
  • Engineer Equipment Maintenance Warrant Officer (Army - Warrant Officer only)
  • Fire Control Repairer (Army - Enlisted)
  • Power Generation Equipment Repairer (Army - Enlisted)
  • Self Propelled Artillery Systems Maintainer (Army - Enlisted)
  • Senior Automotive Maintenance Warrant Officer/Senior Ordnance Logistics Warrant Officer (Army - Warrant Officer only)
  • Small Arms Repairer/Technician (Marine Corps - Enlisted)
  • STRYKER Systems Maintainer (Army - Enlisted)
  • Support Equipment Electrician/Refrigeration and Engine/Gas Turbine Technician (Marine Corps - Enlisted)
  • Towed Artillery Systems Technician (Marine Corps - Enlisted)
  • Tracked Vehicle Repairer (Army - Enlisted)
  • Wheeled Vehicle Repairer (Army - Enlisted)

Apprenticeship Crosswalk Titles

  • Engine Repairer, Service
  • Gas-Engine Repairer
  • Power-Saw Mechanic
  • Small-Engine Mechanic

DOT Crosswalk Titles

  • Engine Repairer, Production
  • Engine Repairer, Service
  • Gas-Engine Repairer
  • Magneto Repairer
  • Power-Saw Mechanic
  • Small-Engine Mechanic