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Grinding and Polishing Workers, Hand - 51-9022.00

O*NET-SOC Description

Grind, sand, or polish, using hand tools or hand-held power tools, a variety of metal, wood, stone, clay, plastic, or glass objects. Includes chippers, buffers, and finishers.

Sample of Reported Job Titles

  • Buffer
  • Casting Finisher
  • Chipper
  • Finisher
  • Grinder
  • Jewelry Polisher
  • Knife Grinder
  • Metal Finisher
  • Polisher
  • Stand Grinder

SOC Occupation Groups

51-0000 Production Occupations
51-9000 Other Production Occupations
51-9020 Crushing, Grinding, Polishing, Mixing, and Blending Workers
51-9022.00 Grinding and Polishing Workers, Hand

Related Occupations


  • Apply solutions and chemicals to equipment, objects, or parts, using hand tools.
  • Clean brass particles from files by drawing file cards through file grooves.
  • File grooved, contoured, and irregular surfaces of metal objects, such as metalworking dies and machine parts, to conform to templates, other parts, layouts, or blueprint specifications.
  • Grind, sand, clean, or polish objects or parts to correct defects or to prepare surfaces for further finishing, using hand tools and power tools.
  • Load and adjust workpieces onto equipment or work tables, using hand tools.
  • Mark defects, such as knotholes, cracks, and splits, for repair.
  • Measure and mark equipment, objects, or parts to ensure grinding and polishing standards are met.
  • Move controls to adjust, start, or stop equipment during grinding and polishing processes.
  • Record product and processing data on specified forms.
  • Remove completed workpieces from equipment or work tables, using hand tools, and place workpieces in containers.
  • Repair and maintain equipment, objects, or parts, using hand tools.
  • Select files or other abrasives, according to materials, sizes and shapes of workpieces, amount of stock to be removed, finishes specified, and steps in finishing processes.
  • Sharpen abrasive grinding tools, using machines and hand tools.
  • Study blueprints or layouts to determine how to lay out workpieces or saw out templates.
  • Transfer equipment, objects, or parts to specified work areas, using moving devices.
  • Trim, scrape, or deburr objects or parts, using chisels, scrapers, and other hand tools and equipment.
  • Verify quality of finished workpieces by inspecting them, comparing them to templates, measuring their dimensions, or testing them in working machinery.
  • Wash grit from stone, using hoses.

Detailed Work Activities

  • Apply solutions to production equipment.
  • Clean materials to prepare them for production.
  • Clean production equipment.
  • Clean workpieces or finished products.
  • Compare physical characteristics of materials or products to specifications or standards.
  • Load materials into production equipment.
  • Maintain production or processing equipment.
  • Mark products, workpieces, or equipment with identifying information.
  • Measure dimensions of completed products or workpieces to verify conformance to specifications.
  • Measure materials to mark reference points, cutting lines, or other indicators.
  • Mount materials or workpieces onto production equipment.
  • Move products, materials, or equipment between work areas.
  • Operate grinding equipment.
  • Polish materials, workpieces, or finished products.
  • Record operational or production data.
  • Remove products or workpieces from production equipment.
  • Repair production equipment or tools.
  • Reshape metal workpieces to established specifications.
  • Review blueprints or other instructions to determine operational methods or sequences.
  • Select production equipment according to product specifications.
  • Sharpen cutting or grinding tools.
  • Smooth metal surfaces or edges.
  • Trim excess material from workpieces.

Military Crosswalk Titles

  • Allied Trades Specialist (Army - Enlisted)
  • Machinery Repairman Apprentice (Navy - Enlisted)

Apprenticeship Crosswalk Titles

No information available.

DOT Crosswalk Titles

  • Aircraft Skin Burnisher
  • Barrel Finisher
  • Barrel Repairer
  • Beveler
  • Bit Shaver
  • Boat Buffer, Plastic
  • Buffer
  • Burnisher, Balance Wheel Arm
  • Burrer
  • Dresser
  • Edger, Hand
  • Fettler
  • Filer
  • Filer, Hand, Tool
  • Final Finisher, Forging Dies
  • Finisher
  • Finisher, Fiberglass Boat Parts
  • Finisher, Hand
  • Frame Repairer
  • Glass Polisher
  • Gold Burnisher
  • Golf-Club Facer
  • Grease Buffer
  • Grinder I
  • Grinder, Hand
  • Grinder-Chipper I
  • Grinder-Chipper II
  • Hand Filer, Balance Wheel
  • Inspector-Repairer, Sandstone
  • Jewel Grinder II
  • Jewel-Bearing Broacher
  • Jewel-Bearing Polisher
  • Jewel-Bearing Turner
  • Jewel-Hole Cornerer
  • Laborer, Grinding and Polishing
  • Metal Finisher
  • Metal Sander and Finisher
  • Mold Dresser
  • Mold Finisher
  • Mold Stamper and Repairer
  • Needle Polisher
  • Nib Finisher
  • Patch Sander
  • Pipe Buffer
  • Plate Conditioner
  • Polisher
  • Polisher and Buffer II
  • Polisher, Dial
  • Polisher, Implant
  • Reamer, Center Hole
  • Reamer, Hand
  • Rough Opener, Jewel Hole
  • Sander, Hand
  • Sander-and-Buffer
  • Scraper, Hand
  • Shaper, Hand
  • Solar Film Installer
  • Spin-Table Operator
  • Steel-Barrel Reamer
  • Stock Shaper
  • Stone Polisher, Hand
  • Stoner
  • Stoner, Hand
  • Valve Grinder
  • Ware Cleaner