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Green Occupation:
41-3099.01 - Energy Brokers

Green occupations will likely change as a result of the green economy. Green economy activities and technologies are increasing the demand for occupations, shaping the work and worker requirements needed for occupational performance, or generating new and emerging occupations.

This is a Green New & Emerging occupation — the impact of green economy activities and technologies is sufficient to create the need for unique work and worker requirements, which results in the generation of new occupations.

Energy brokers work in the following green economy sectors:

  • Energy Trading — This sector covers financial services related to buying and selling energy as an economic commodity, as well as carbon trading projects.

They perform these tasks important to the green economy:

  • Analyze and evaluate energy supply bids to determine the best options.
  • Analyze customer bills and utility rate structures to select optimal rate structures for customers.
  • Answer customer questions related to energy sales procedures, energy markets, or alternative energy sources.
  • Contact prospective buyers or sellers of power to arrange transactions.
  • Create product packages based on assessment of customers' needs.
  • Develop or deliver proposals or presentations on topics, such as the purchase or sale of energy.
  • Explain contracts or related documents to customers.
  • Facilitate the delivery or receipt of wholesale power or retail load scheduling.
  • Forecast energy supply and demand to minimize costs and maximize availability.
  • Monitor energy supply contracts to ensure proper implementation and execution by suppliers.
  • Monitor the flow of energy in response to changes in consumer demand.
  • Negotiate prices or contracts for energy sales or purchases.
  • Prepare and send requests for price quotations to all energy companies in a particular market.
  • Price energy based on market conditions.
  • Purchase or sell energy or energy derivatives for customers.
  • Research and recommend new products or services, such as alternative energy sources or renewable energy credits.