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Wind Energy Operations Managers - 11-9199.09

O*NET-SOC Description

Manage wind field operations, including personnel, maintenance activities, financial activities, and planning.

Sample of Reported Job Titles

  • Service Site Manager
  • Site Manager
  • Turbine Site Manager
  • Wind Facilities Manager
  • Wind Operations Supervisor
  • Wind Plant Manager
  • Wind Plant Operations Manager
  • Wind Site Manager
  • Wind Site Supervisor
  • Wind Technician Leader

SOC Occupation Groups

11-0000 Management Occupations
11-9000 Other Management Occupations
11-9190 Miscellaneous Managers
11-9199.00 Managers, All Other
11-9199.09 Wind Energy Operations Managers

Related Occupations


  • Develop processes or procedures for wind operations, including transitioning from construction to commercial operations.
  • Develop relationships and communicate with customers, site managers, developers, land owners, authorities, utility representatives, or residents.
  • Establish goals, objectives, or priorities for wind field operations.
  • Estimate costs associated with operations, including repairs or preventive maintenance.
  • Maintain operations records, such as work orders, site inspection forms, or other documentation.
  • Manage warranty repair or replacement services.
  • Monitor and maintain records of daily facility operations.
  • Order parts, tools, or equipment needed to maintain, restore, or improve wind field operations.
  • Oversee the maintenance of wind field equipment or structures, such as towers, transformers, electrical collector systems, roadways, or other site assets.
  • Prepare wind field operational budgets.
  • Provide technical support to wind field customers, employees, or subcontractors.
  • Recruit or select wind operations employees, contractors, or subcontractors.
  • Review, negotiate, or approve wind farm contracts.
  • Supervise employees or subcontractors to ensure quality of work or adherence to safety regulations or policies.
  • Track and maintain records for wind operations, such as site performance, downtime events, parts usage, or substation events.
  • Train or coordinate the training of employees in operations, safety, environmental issues, or technical issues.

Detailed Work Activities

  • Advise others on green energy or related technologies.
  • Approve expenditures.
  • Conduct employee training programs.
  • Develop operating strategies, plans, or procedures for green or sustainable operations.
  • Develop organizational goals or objectives.
  • Direct facility maintenance or repair activities.
  • Direct maintenance and repair activities in green energy production facilities.
  • Establish interpersonal business relationships to facilitate work activities.
  • Estimate green project costs.
  • Maintain operational records for green energy processes or other environmentally-sustainable activities.
  • Negotiate contracts for environmental remediation, green energy, or renewable resources.
  • Prepare operational budgets for green energy or other green operations.
  • Purchase materials, equipment, or other resources.
  • Recruit personnel.
  • Supervise workers performing environmentally sustainable activities.
  • Train employees on environmental awareness, conservation, or safety topics.

Military Crosswalk Titles

  • Propulsion Plant Mechanical Manager (Navy - Enlisted)
  • Propulsion Plant Mechanical Supervisor (Navy - Enlisted)

Apprenticeship Crosswalk Titles

No information available.

DOT Crosswalk Titles

  • Superintendent, Generating Plant