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Judges, Magistrate Judges, and Magistrates - 23-1023.00

O*NET-SOC Description

Arbitrate, advise, adjudicate, or administer justice in a court of law. May sentence defendant in criminal cases according to government statutes or sentencing guidelines. May determine liability of defendant in civil cases. May perform wedding ceremonies.

Sample of Reported Job Titles

  • Circuit Court Judge
  • Circuit Judge
  • County Judge
  • Court of Appeals Judge
  • District Court Judge
  • Judge
  • Justice of the Peace
  • Magisterial District Judge
  • Magistrate
  • Superior Court Judge

SOC Occupation Groups

23-0000 Legal Occupations
23-1000 Lawyers, Judges, and Related Workers
23-1020 Judges, Magistrates, and Other Judicial Workers
23-1023.00 Judges, Magistrate Judges, and Magistrates

Related Occupations


  • Advise attorneys, juries, litigants, and court personnel regarding conduct, issues, and proceedings.
  • Award compensation for damages to litigants in civil cases in relation to findings by juries or by the court.
  • Conduct preliminary hearings to decide issues, such as whether there is reasonable and probable cause to hold defendants in felony cases.
  • Grant divorces and divide assets between spouses.
  • Impose restrictions upon parties in civil cases until trials can be held.
  • Instruct juries on applicable laws, direct juries to deduce the facts from the evidence presented, and hear their verdicts.
  • Interpret and enforce rules of procedure or establish new rules in situations where there are no procedures already established by law.
  • Issue arrest warrants.
  • Monitor proceedings to ensure that all applicable rules and procedures are followed.
  • Participate in judicial tribunals to help resolve disputes.
  • Perform wedding ceremonies.
  • Preside over hearings and listen to allegations made by plaintiffs to determine whether the evidence supports the charges.
  • Provide information regarding the judicial system or other legal issues through the media and public speeches.
  • Read documents on pleadings and motions to ascertain facts and issues.
  • Research legal issues and write opinions on the issues.
  • Rule on admissibility of evidence and methods of conducting testimony.
  • Rule on custody and access disputes, and enforce court orders regarding custody and support of children.
  • Sentence defendants in criminal cases, on conviction by jury, according to applicable government statutes.
  • Settle disputes between opposing attorneys.
  • Supervise other judges, court officers, and the court's administrative staff.
  • Write decisions on cases.

Detailed Work Activities

  • Administer oaths to court participants.
  • Arbitrate disputes between parties to resolve legal conflicts.
  • Authorize payments to settle legal disputes.
  • Conduct hearings to investigate legal issues.
  • Direct courtroom activities or procedures.
  • Identify implications for cases from legal precedents or other legal information.
  • Inform the public about policies, services or procedures.
  • Make decisions in legal cases.
  • Prepare written decisions for legal proceedings.
  • Research relevant legal materials to aid decision making.
  • Rule on admissibility of legal proceedings.
  • Serve court ordered documents.
  • Supervise activities of other legal personnel.

Military Crosswalk Titles

  • Appellate Military Judge (Navy - Commissioned or Warrant Officer)
  • Capital Litigator (Navy - Commissioned or Warrant Officer)
  • Judge Advocate (Air Force - Commissioned Officer only)
  • Judge Advocate (Marine Corps - Commissioned Officer only)
  • Judge Advocate (Space Force - Commissioned Officer only)
  • Judge Advocate, General (Army - Commissioned Officer only)
  • Legal (Coast Guard - Commissioned Officer only)
  • Military Judge (Army - Commissioned Officer only)
  • Military Judge (Marine Corps - Commissioned Officer only)
  • Military Judge, General Courts-Martial (Navy - Commissioned or Warrant Officer)
  • Military Judge, Special Courts-Martial (Navy - Commissioned or Warrant Officer)
  • SC - Judge Advocate General Corps (Navy - Commissioned Officer only)

Apprenticeship Crosswalk Titles

No information available.

DOT Crosswalk Titles

  • Judge
  • Magistrate