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Upholsterers - 51-6093.00

O*NET-SOC Description

Make, repair, or replace upholstery for household furniture or transportation vehicles.

Sample of Reported Job Titles

  • Box Spring Upholsterer
  • Furniture Upholsterer
  • Inside Upholsterer
  • Sofa Back Upholsterer
  • Stapler
  • Trimmer
  • Upholstered Goods Crafter
  • Upholsterer
  • Upholstery Cutter
  • Upholstery Trimmer

SOC Occupation Groups

Related Occupations


  • Adjust or replace webbing, padding, or springs, and secure them in place.
  • Attach bindings or apply solutions to edges of cut material to prevent raveling.
  • Attach fasteners, grommets, buttons, buckles, ornamental trim, and other accessories to covers or frames, using hand tools.
  • Build furniture up with loose fiber stuffing, cotton, felt, or foam padding to form smooth, rounded surfaces.
  • Collaborate with interior designers to decorate rooms and coordinate furnishing fabrics.
  • Design upholstery cover patterns and cutting plans, based on sketches, customer descriptions, or blueprints.
  • Discuss upholstery fabrics, colors, and styles with customers, and provide cost estimates.
  • Draw cutting lines on material following patterns, templates, sketches, or blueprints, using chalk, pencils, paint, or other methods.
  • Examine furniture frames, upholstery, springs, and webbing to locate defects.
  • Fit, install, and secure material on frames, using hand tools, power tools, glue, cement, or staples.
  • Interweave and fasten strips of webbing to the backs and undersides of furniture, using small hand tools and fasteners.
  • Maintain records of time required to perform each job.
  • Make, repair, or replace automobile upholstery and convertible and vinyl tops, using knowledge of fabric and upholstery methods.
  • Make, restore, or create custom upholstered furniture, using hand tools and knowledge of fabrics and upholstery methods.
  • Measure and cut new covering materials, using patterns and measuring and cutting instruments, following sketches and design specifications.
  • Operate sewing machines or sew upholstery by hand to seam cushions and join various sections of covering material.
  • Pick up and deliver furniture.
  • Read work orders, and apply knowledge and experience with materials to determine types and amounts of materials required to cover workpieces.
  • Remove covering, webbing, padding, or defective springs from workpieces, using hand tools such as hammers and tack pullers.
  • Repair furniture frames and refinish exposed wood.
  • Sew rips or tears in material, or create tufting, using needles and thread.
  • Stretch webbing and fabric, using webbing stretchers.

Detailed Work Activities

  • Adjust fabrics or other materials during garment production.
  • Align parts or workpieces to ensure proper assembly.
  • Assemble garments or textile products.
  • Attach decorative or functional accessories to products.
  • Confer with customers or designers to determine order specifications.
  • Cut fabrics.
  • Design templates or patterns.
  • Draw guide lines or markings on materials or workpieces using patterns or other references.
  • Estimate costs of products, services, or materials.
  • Examine condition of property or products.
  • Exchange information with colleagues.
  • Measure materials to mark reference points, cutting lines, or other indicators.
  • Mount materials or workpieces onto production equipment.
  • Move furniture.
  • Operate sewing equipment.
  • Prepare fabrics or materials for processing or production.
  • Read work orders or other instructions to determine product specifications or materials requirements.
  • Record operational or production data.
  • Repair furniture or upholstery.
  • Repair textiles or apparel.
  • Sew clothing or other articles.
  • Shape surfaces or edges of wood workpieces.

Military Crosswalk Titles

  • Aircrew Survival Equipmentman (Navy - Enlisted)
  • Aviation Life Support Systems Intermediate Level Technician (Navy - Enlisted)
  • Aviation Life Support Systems Organizational Level Technician (Navy - Enlisted)
  • Aviation Survival Technician (Coast Guard - Enlisted)

Apprenticeship Crosswalk Titles

  • Automobile Upholsterer
  • Furniture Upholsterer
  • Upholsterer
  • Upholsterer, Inside

DOT Crosswalk Titles

  • Automobile Upholsterer
  • Automobile-Upholsterer Apprentice
  • Furniture Upholsterer
  • Furniture-Upholsterer Apprentice
  • Slipcover Cutter
  • Upholsterer
  • Upholsterer, Inside
  • Upholsterer, Limousine and Hearse
  • Upholstery Repairer