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Potters, Manufacturing - 51-9195.05

O*NET-SOC Description

Operate production machines such as pug mill, jigger machine, or potter's wheel to process clay in manufacture of ceramic, pottery and stoneware products.

Sample of Reported Job Titles

  • Clay Mixer
  • Glazer
  • Jigger Artisan
  • Jigger Machine Operator
  • Potter
  • Production Potter

SOC Occupation Groups

Related Occupations


  • Adjust pressures, temperatures, and trimming tool settings as required.
  • Adjust wheel speeds according to the feel of the clay as pieces enlarge and walls become thinner.
  • Design clay forms and molds, and decorations for forms.
  • Examine finished ware for defects and measure dimensions, using rule and thickness gauge.
  • Maintain supplies of tools, equipment, and materials, and order additional supplies as needed.
  • Mix and apply glazes, and load glazed pieces into kilns for firing.
  • Move pieces from wheels so that they can dry.
  • Operate drying chambers to dry or finish molded ceramic ware.
  • Operate jigger machines to form ceramic ware, such as bowls, cups, plates, and saucers.
  • Operate pug mills to blend and extrude clay.
  • Perform test-fires of pottery to determine how to achieve specific colors and textures.
  • Position balls of clay in centers of potters' wheels, and start motors or pump treadles with feet to revolve wheels.
  • Prepare work for sale or exhibition, and maintain relationships with retail, pottery, art, and resource networks that can facilitate sale or exhibition of work.
  • Press thumbs into centers of revolving clay to form hollows, and press on the inside and outside of emerging clay cylinders with hands and fingers, gradually raising and shaping clay to desired forms and sizes.
  • Pull wires through bases of articles and wheels to separate finished pieces.
  • Raise and shape clay into wares such as vases and pitchers, on revolving wheels, using hands, fingers, and thumbs.
  • Smooth surfaces of finished pieces, using rubber scrapers and wet sponges.
  • Start machine units and conveyors and observe lights and gauges on panel board to verify operational efficiency.
  • Teach pottery classes.
  • Verify accuracy of shapes and sizes of objects, using calipers and templates.

Detailed Work Activities

  • Apply protective or decorative finishes to workpieces or products.
  • Conduct test runs of production equipment.
  • Design jewelry or decorative objects.
  • Load items into ovens or furnaces.
  • Maintain inventories of materials, equipment, or products.
  • Maneuver workpieces in equipment during production.
  • Measure dimensions of completed products or workpieces to verify conformance to specifications.
  • Mix ingredients to create specific finishes.
  • Monitor equipment operation to ensure proper functioning.
  • Operate heating or drying equipment.
  • Operate mixing equipment.
  • Order materials, supplies, or equipment.
  • Position raw materials on processing or production equipment.
  • Remove products or workpieces from production equipment.
  • Set equipment controls to meet cutting specifications.
  • Shape clay or dough to create products.

Military Crosswalk Titles

No information available.

Apprenticeship Crosswalk Titles

  • Model Maker, Pottery and Porcelain
  • Pottery-Machine Operator

DOT Crosswalk Titles

  • Model Maker
  • Pottery-Machine Operator
  • Thrower