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Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists - 13-1161.00

O*NET-SOC Description

Research conditions in local, regional, national, or online markets. Gather information to determine potential sales of a product or service, or plan a marketing or advertising campaign. May gather information on competitors, prices, sales, and methods of marketing and distribution. May employ search marketing tactics, analyze web metrics, and develop recommendations to increase search engine ranking and visibility to target markets.

Sample of Reported Job Titles

  • Business Development Specialist
  • Communications Specialist
  • Demographic Analyst
  • Market Analyst
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Market Research Consultant
  • Market Research Specialist
  • Market Researcher

SOC Occupation Groups

13-0000 Business and Financial Operations Occupations
13-1000 Business Operations Specialists
13-1160 Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists
13-1161.00 Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists

Related Occupations


  • Attend staff conferences to provide management with information and proposals concerning the promotion, distribution, design, and pricing of company products or services.
  • Collect and analyze data on customer demographics, preferences, needs, and buying habits to identify potential markets and factors affecting product demand.
  • Conduct research on consumer opinions and marketing strategies, collaborating with marketing professionals, statisticians, pollsters, and other professionals.
  • Develop and implement procedures for identifying advertising needs.
  • Devise and evaluate methods and procedures for collecting data, such as surveys, opinion polls, or questionnaires, or arrange to obtain existing data.
  • Direct trained survey interviewers.
  • Forecast and track marketing and sales trends, analyzing collected data.
  • Gather data on competitors and analyze their prices, sales, and method of marketing and distribution.
  • Measure and assess customer and employee satisfaction.
  • Measure the effectiveness of marketing, advertising, and communications programs and strategies.
  • Monitor industry statistics and follow trends in trade literature.
  • Prepare reports of findings, illustrating data graphically and translating complex findings into written text.
  • Seek and provide information to help companies determine their position in the marketplace.

Detailed Work Activities

  • Analyze consumer trends.
  • Analyze industry trends.
  • Analyze market conditions or trends.
  • Conduct surveys in organizations.
  • Develop business or market strategies.
  • Discuss business strategies, practices, or policies with managers.
  • Establish business management methods.
  • Gather organizational performance information.
  • Measure effectiveness of business strategies or practices.
  • Monitor business indicators.
  • Prepare research reports.
  • Supervise employees.

Military Crosswalk Titles

  • Army Reserve Career Counselor (Army Reserve) (Army - Enlisted)
  • Contracting (Air Force - Enlisted)
  • Contracting Apprentice (Air Force - Enlisted)
  • Contracting Craftsman (Air Force - Enlisted)
  • Contracting Helper (Air Force - Enlisted)
  • Contracting Journeyman (Air Force - Enlisted)
  • Contracting Superintendent (Air Force - Enlisted)
  • Marketing Officer (Army - Commissioned Officer only)
  • Operational Contract Support Specialist (Marine Corps - Enlisted)
  • Psychological Operations Specialist (Army - Enlisted)
  • Recruiter (Army - Enlisted)
  • Recruiting and Retention NCO (Army National Guard of the United States) (Army - Enlisted)
  • Recruiting Station Marketing and Communication Marine (Marine Corps - Enlisted)
  • Statistical Data Analyst (Navy - Commissioned or Warrant Officer)
  • User Experience Director (Navy - Enlisted)

Apprenticeship Crosswalk Titles

  • Government Business Development Specialist

DOT Crosswalk Titles

  • Market-Research Analyst I
  • Research Analyst