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+      11-0000   Management Occupations
            13-1011.00       Agents and Business Managers of Artists, Performers, and Athletes  Bright Outlook Bright Outlook  
            13-1021.00       Buyers and Purchasing Agents, Farm Products
            13-1022.00       Wholesale and Retail Buyers, Except Farm Products
            13-1023.00       Purchasing Agents, Except Wholesale, Retail, and Farm Products
            13-1031.00       Claims Adjusters, Examiners, and Investigators
            13-1032.00       Insurance Appraisers, Auto Damage
            13-1041.00       Compliance Officers Bright Outlook
            13-1041.01             Environmental Compliance Inspectors Bright Outlook
            13-1041.03             Equal Opportunity Representatives and Officers Bright Outlook
            13-1041.04             Government Property Inspectors and Investigators Bright Outlook
            13-1041.06             Coroners Bright Outlook
            13-1041.07             Regulatory Affairs Specialists Bright Outlook
            13-1041.08             Customs Brokers Bright Outlook
            13-1051.00       Cost Estimators
            13-1071.00       Human Resources Specialists Bright Outlook
            13-1074.00       Farm Labor Contractors Bright Outlook
            13-1075.00       Labor Relations Specialists
            13-1081.00       Logisticians Bright Outlook
            13-1081.01             Logistics Engineers Bright Outlook
            13-1081.02             Logistics Analysts Bright Outlook
            13-1082.00       Project Management Specialists Bright Outlook
            13-1111.00       Management Analysts Bright Outlook
            13-1121.00       Meeting, Convention, and Event Planners Bright Outlook
            13-1131.00       Fundraisers Bright Outlook
            13-1141.00       Compensation, Benefits, and Job Analysis Specialists Bright Outlook
            13-1151.00       Training and Development Specialists Bright Outlook
            13-1161.00       Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists Bright Outlook
            13-1161.01             Search Marketing Strategists Bright Outlook
            13-1199.00       Business Operations Specialists, All Other Bright Outlook
            13-1199.04             Business Continuity Planners Bright Outlook
            13-1199.05             Sustainability Specialists Bright Outlook
            13-1199.06             Online Merchants Bright Outlook
            13-1199.07             Security Management Specialists Bright Outlook
            13-2011.00       Accountants and Auditors Bright Outlook
            13-2022.00       Appraisers of Personal and Business Property Bright Outlook
            13-2023.00       Appraisers and Assessors of Real Estate Bright Outlook
            13-2031.00       Budget Analysts
            13-2041.00       Credit Analysts
            13-2051.00       Financial and Investment Analysts Bright Outlook
            13-2052.00       Personal Financial Advisors Bright Outlook
            13-2053.00       Insurance Underwriters
            13-2054.00       Financial Risk Specialists Bright Outlook
            13-2061.00       Financial Examiners Bright Outlook
            13-2071.00       Credit Counselors Bright Outlook
            13-2072.00       Loan Officers
            13-2081.00       Tax Examiners and Collectors, and Revenue Agents
            13-2082.00       Tax Preparers
            13-2099.00       Financial Specialists, All Other Bright Outlook
            13-2099.01             Financial Quantitative Analysts Bright Outlook
            13-2099.04             Fraud Examiners, Investigators and Analysts Bright Outlook
+      23-0000   Legal Occupations
+      31-0000   Healthcare Support Occupations
+      33-0000   Protective Service Occupations
+      41-0000   Sales and Related Occupations
+      51-0000   Production Occupations
+      55-0000   Military Specific Occupations